Engineering and technology


Flange assembly guide K&Z / Flange Montageleitfaden K&Z


Occupational safety


Accident at work – What to do? (Flow chart as an aid to action after an occupational accident)

Sample“Transfer of entrepreneurial duties

DGUV regulations (overview and download of current DGUV publications)

DGUV Industry Rules

DGUV Regulation 1 (Principles of Prevention)

DGUV Regulation 2 (information on company physicians and the occupational safety specialist)

DGUV regulation 3 (information about electrical systems and equipment, its testing, etc.)

BAuA Publications (Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health)

Occupational Safety Act (ASiG)

Technical rules for operational safety (TRBS)

Technical rules for hazardous substances (TRGS)



Vocational training


Ordinance on Trainer Aptitude(AusbEignV/AEVO)

What are the apprenticeship professions? (Overview of all apprenticeship occupations)




How does the steam engine work: Download here

Mars Rover: Downloaded Here